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Aaron O Reilly

Aaron O Reilly

Operations Manager

Our Operations Manager has worked with Care for Me since Nov of 2015 in an external advisory capacity and has since taken up a full-time position in March of 2019. Aaron works closely with the Managing Directors and is responsible for strategic planning and implementation in order to achieve or goals while developing and maintaining all policies and procedures in order to deliver the highest standards of care for our clients. His insights and advice are crucial to the successful management of our company. As Operations Manager Aaron also supervises all company operations, development of new initiatives and staff and ventures in order to maintain and grow the company. Since commencing his position Aaron has developed and enhanced the way the company manages its operational activities, leading to more effective and efficient daily operations. Aaron’s work ethic is exemplary and his insights have resulted in a visible difference throughout our branches. Alongside our Coordinator Thomas Connor, Aaron was responsible for the modernisation and digitisation of all of our record-keeping in advance of the upcoming GDPR requirements and assisted with the digitisation of all day to day administrative processes. Aaron has also been a large part of the implementation of many of our employee incentive programs.

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